HP Pavilion 15-p250na Laptop Review

HP Pavilion 15-p250na Laptop Review

The HP Pavilion 15-p250na, the popular laptop from HP is a great purchase for anyone looking for a new Laptop with a little more power. In this review, we’ll put it to the test.

Featuring a hefty 12GB RAM and beautiful beats audio, this laptop has solid features for it’s price.


Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution: 1366×768 (104 ppi)
CPU: AMD Quad Core A10 –  2.0 GHz
Storage: 1TB Hard Drive
DVD Drive: Yes
Average Battery Life: 3-4 hours maximum
Weight: 2.27 Kilograms

Screen: 6/10

The Pavilion 15-p250na is equipped with a large 15.6 inch screen, fitted with an HD resolution. The screen will be fine for the average user, however if you want a “retina” crisp screen look, you’ll need a laptop with a higher resolution.


CPU: 8/10

The powerful AMD A10 processor is quite powerful, making it great for on the go word processing as well as larger tasks such as video editing and basic gaming. You won’t have many problems with speed on this laptop.


RAM: 10/10

12GB of RAM is huge for a laptop. You’ll be able to open tonnes of applications at once, you won’t have problems running a large Photoshop project or playing Minecraft on this laptop. It’s also rare to find this much RAM for the price.


Storage: 8/10

The HP Pavilion 15-p250na has a very large 1TB Hard Drive, which is big enough to store thousands of photos, hundreds of songs and movies aswell. However, the Hard Drive is 5400RPM, the slowest available, meaning when you first start up your computer it may take a while to get going at maximum speed.


Battery Life: 6/10

This laptop has an maximum battery life of 3-4 hours, which is fine for the average user. No surprises here!


In conclusion, this laptop provides a great amount of power for it’s price. If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle more advanced tasks such as Photoshop, Counter Strike and the like, this Pavilion 15-p250na is highly recommended.



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