Asus X551CA-SX024H Laptop Review

Asus X551CA-SX024H Laptop Review

The Asus X551CA-SX024H is one of the best selling Laptops in the UK right now, featuring some great specs such as the super-fast Intel Core technology CPU. Here is our review.



Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution: 1366×768
CPU: Intel Core i3 1.8GHz (Dual-Core)
Storage: 500GB HDD
DVD Drive: Yes
Maximum Battery Life: 4-Cell (3 hours battery)
Weight: 2.2 Kg


Screen: 6/10

The resolution on this screen is 1366×768. Due to the screens size being large, you won’t get a super sharp image and you’ll most likely be able to see the pixels on the screen. So, if you need a high resolution to play HD Movies or for graphics design, you’re better off getting a laptop with a higher resolution. However, if you’re an average user this screen will look fine.


CPU: 7/10

The Intel Core i3 is a nice CPU, and will run programs such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Word efficiently. The average user shouldn’t experience any problems with lag with this CPU in their Laptop. However if you need a Laptop for something such as video editing, you might want to look into a slightly faster CPU, more specifically, an Intel Core i5.


RAM: 7/10

4GB is the perfect amount for a Laptop these days. You’ll be able to run programs such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Word and Excel all at the same time without any problems. This makes the Asus X551CA-SX024H a great Laptop for someone who is a business user.


Storage: 8/10

A 500GB HDD can hold a lot of data. It can hold way over 50,000 songs and over 10,000 photos. This makes it perfect for the average user, as it is unlikely you will fill up this hard drive. However, a graphics designer, hardcore gamer or video editor could fill up this drive pretty easily – however upgrading a Hard Drive to sizes such as 1TB (1000GB) is easy.


Battery Life: 6/10

The battery life on the ASUS X551CA could be better, you’ll get a good few hours out of it though which is great to continue working at a coffee shop or on your lunch break.


In conclusion, we think that this asus laptop is a great all-round laptop for anyone who is unsure what to buy. It has great value for money and specifications that won’t have your laptop slowing down very easily. All-in-all, we recommend this laptop.

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