Apple 11-Inch Macbook Air

Apple 11-Inch Macbook Air

The 11-Inch Macbook Air, released June 2013 is probably one of the best ultrabooks around. Apple creates a huge buzz for all of it’s products and they never fail to impress. It’ll set you back a whopping £784 but, to be honest – you get what you pay for.

Featuring an amazing 9 hours average battery life and weighing just 1 kilogram, this ultrabook is pretty revolutionary. We hope you enjoy our Apple 11-Inch Macbook Air Laptop Review.


Screen Size: 11 Inches
Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 (135.09 DPI)
CPU: Intel Core i5 3GHz
Storage: 128GB SSD
DVD Drive: No
Average Battery Life: 9 hours
Weight: 1.08 Kilograms

Screen: 8/10

The Macbook Air’s screen resolution is decent for it’s screen size, with 135.09 dots per inch it gives you a ultra sharp view – that signature “retina” look that Apple fans love. We would love to give this screen a 10, however it lacks more modern features such as touchscreen.


CPU: 9/10

This ultrabook features Intel’s latest CPUs: Haswell. The Intel Core i5 is an amazing CPU, especially in a portable device. It is great for all users when it comes to surfing the web, watching movies, graphic design and film making. The i5 helps make this Macbook into a true powerhouse. If it had an i7 we would give this CPU a 10.


RAM: 7/10

This laptop features 4GB DDR3 RAM. While this is great for any general user, graphics designers, photographers and video editors may struggle with just 4 gigabytes of RAM as Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut do need a lot of RAM. However, if you aren’t looking to do any major work on this device then it is perfect.


Storage: 10/10

The Macbook Air features an 128GB SSD which is great. It will boot up in a mere few seconds and applications will start up almost instantly. Anyone Laptop that comes with an SSD by standard deserves a high rating in the storage department.


Battery Life: 10/10

With an average battery life of 9 hours – this laptop is perfect for anyone on the move. It can last throught long plane journeys or road trips so you can stay productive wherever you go. For the amount of power in this laptop, the battery life is very impressive.


Overall, this Laptop falls a little bit short in it’s RAM and Price however if you’re looking for the best value to performance ultrabook, you’re staring right at it. A solid 4.5 stars nonetheless.

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